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Your Google AdWords Account and your client Manager

OmWeb Your AdWords account belongs to you its respective owner. Clients can access their own accounts at any time and can terminate the relationship with the client manager OmWeb at any time. Although the client account is linked to the client manager account along with other clients, no clients have access to any other accounts but their own. Client manager OmWeb can update campaigns and otherwise manage account tasks for their clients but do not have access to proprietary client information such as Credit Card information. However, client manager OmWeb can view billing summary history information for AdWords accounts.

Google Analytics

Web Analytics is the foundation for improving your Internet Marketing Performance. In the rapidly changing world of marketing, how can you turn challenges into opportunities? How can you make sure that your message is reaching the right audience and your marketing initiatives are meeting performance goals?

The answer is simple: the web. Today, it’s a given that the web must be at the centre of your marketing strategy: it’s the medium that lets you maximize the measurability and relationship building efforts of your business. But in order to take advantage of the power of the web, you need the right solutions in place to unlock the information it holds in store for you. Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site.

Focus your marketing resources on campaigns and initiatives that deliver ROI, and improve your site to convert more visitors. Google Analytics has the enterprise level capabilities you'd expect from a high end web analytics offering and also provides timesaving integration with AdWords. Of course, Google Analytics tracks all of your non-AdWords initiatives as well.

OmWeb Client Manager Account

Only your client manager OmWeb and Google client service representatives have access to the client manager account. By extension, they will also have access to information regarding all related accounts via the My Client Center view. Like clients, client manager OmWeb can terminate relationships with clients at any time. Working with OmWeb, you'll get MORE clicks, for LESS and reduce your over-all cost-per-click by as much as 40%. OmWeb works with you to create a strategic online marketing strategy that brings together copy writing skills, campaign management experience and Google software skills (trained by Google University) to provide the perfect balance between visibility and budgets. By making certain that your Pay Per Click adverts reflect the exact search request of every user – OmWeb helps you stand out from the competition on each and every search. OmWeb ensures that visitors are taken directly to content-specific page and if required we can quote for the supply of landing pages, not just your home page allowing you to accurately target Pay Per Click campaigns. OmWeb will also send you reports as necessary as to where you are on Google AdWords.

Our services are based around:
• Reducing your overall cost-per-click (cpc) by as much as 40%
• Improving the click through rate of your AdWords campaigns
• Providing dedicated account management to keep you fully informed of progress and results


So if you are new to AdWords or want to get the best from AdWords let OmWeb help you. Our pricing is extremely competitive with a campaign management set up fee of £399 and thereafter we only charge 15% of your AdWords spend with a minimum of £35 per month. Comprehensive Google Analytics SEO campaign management support is available at £40 per hour to focus on results such as profitably, acquiring new customers, measuring and optimising every online spend and improving customer relationships.

OmWeb aims to build sustainable business relationships with our clients and we look forward to working with you. If there are any aspects you would like to discuss please
email: or tel: 020 8144 8987.
Pricing excludes VAT and expenses which would be billed as agreed and charged.

  • Advertise to potential customers when they are searching for your products
  • Reach a wider audience than any other medium
  • Google AdWords are seen by 80% of the users on the Internet
  • Specifically target Internet users who are most likely to buy your products
  • Target customers geographically
  • Pay only for customers who click on your advertisements
Plans and Packages
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